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If you’re new in town, Tuscaloosa’s myriad of restaurants can seem a little daunting. Every genre of food has at least 2 or 3 different restaurants boasting that their food is the best. Being a sophomore, my experience with the local dine ins is well versed. I’m writing this to give the rookies of Tuscaloosa dining some tips on where to find the best food in Title Town.

Best Barbeque

Let’s start off with what the South is most known for: barbeque. If you’re looking for the best barbeque in Tuscaloosa, look no further than Archibald’s and Woodrow’s. Way out in the sticks, therth it for the most drive is wosucculent ribs in the whole county. At first glance, Archibald’s looks like a shady shack with an incredibly greasy chimney, but once you get inside, the aroma of slow smoked meat hits you right in the face to let you know you’ve made the right choice for barbeque. My favorite thing to get is the mix plate with pork and ribs. Make sure you put their delicious vinegar based sauce on everything and go to town.

Best Fine Dining

Next up we’re taking a trip downtown to the some of the best seafood. Chuck’s Fish is a bit on the expensive side, but their sushi and fish are out of this world. I’d recommend getting the TNT roll if you’re there for sushi or the catch of the day fish tacos. The TNT roll has super fresh tuna and three delectable sauces; a spicy sauce, a soy sauce reduction, and a chili paste that gives it amazing flavor and heat. If you go the fish taco route, you won’t be disappointed. Made with the catch of the day so the fish is always fresh and served with Pico de Gallo and a zesty chipotle ranch, it is without a doubt one of the best fish tacos I’ve had in a long while.

Best Bar/Pub

If you happen to be over 21 and want to have a fun time at one of the local bars, I’d have to suggest you head over to the Avenue Pub on 23rd St. Their happy hour deals include 3 dollar microbrews and a 5-dollar burger that’ll get you coming back for more. My favorite beer they have on tap would have to be the Yellowhammer Dubbel, at 9.2% abv it has a very hoppy flavor that’s just unmatched. The 5-dollar burger comes with all the fixings and a literal bucket of garlic fries. Cooked to perfection and served on a hearty ciabatta bun, for the money it’s the best burger in Tuscaloosa.

Now I’m no food connoisseur or reputable yelper, but if you’re looking for some great tasting food, take my advice and visit these restaurants at least once while you’re in town.

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